Thursday, November 16, 2017

Natural printing with tertiary students 專上學生的植物印染

I have a special project with the HK PolyU and my honour to share in a part of it for my natural printing with the students.  It's the first time for the tertiary students to encounter with such eco printing with direct prints from plants.  We used just rose leaves, sorts of ecualyptus leaves, sumac and onion skins.  They're creative and made the sample silk panels in two hours.

Little leaves composition
Shades of red, orange, brown and rich tones from onion skins

 With my simple basic skills they made the outlines and shades
Bright red from eucalyptus

 Clean and clear from lecturer's prints with only onion skins, simply bold and creative.

 Onion skins are really great prints.  The prints on silk with little outlines and shade looks like 3D effect after printing.  Even prints on the cotton iron carrier with pink shade of the original color.
A piece with all the materials - onion skins, sumac, rose leaves and eucalyptus.
Fabulous prints on silk panel
All my pleasure to share with the students as well the lecturer's pleased with the works.


  1. That must have been a fascinating day for you all. The students did so well!

    1. Rachel, I'm glad to introduce such skills of natural printing.


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