Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Rich prints from walk 山後拾葉之作

A blogger wrote me a note she said she loves my works and always likes to read if there's any updates.  I'm glad that my works draw interest. 

Recently I was featured in a silk themed program by TV station.  Glad to show my works of natural prints which is quite new in Hong Kong.  You may view it from this video  "In Praise of Silk" followed by my eco printing and demo.

As said silk is my daily component of textile art.  Almost on an alternative day I like to do experiment with new finds on my suburb walk.

I was asked how to become so addicted.  I said I got inspired and learnt from my ever best artist / teacher, Irit Dulman from Israel.   I attended her workshops and developed my styles year after year.  Irit is a prominent figure and a pioneer in the field. She creates very very beautiful natural prints especially the new "3DPrintRD" recently.  Some bloggers asked if I have tutorials of those pretty effect.  I declined as honestly I don't know the skills and it's artists ethic not to sell or teach what exactly the teachers taught. Wish I could attend her new technique one day.

Whenever I am invited to teach I still like to work on my way of natural prints with a bit difference from what I've learnt. 
I remember the first time I visited Irit in Tel Aviv.  We walked in the street with this kind of flower.  I don't know the exact name but thought it's the Hibiscus family.  Irit said there's little honey in the flower and tasted it with me.
Yesterday when I was walking in the back of my apartment, I found the dropped hibiscus flowers and gathered a few weeds, bamboo as well some other wild daisy for the bundle boiling.

 Well know all those picked leaves without bright color so I put a few eucalyptus which was soaked in iron water for more than 2 weeks. 
After 1.5 hours boiling, I opened it and quite pleased with the outcome with color and resist shapes.

Not sure what exactly the fabric is. It's bought from a shop for the selling of factory leftover.  Thought it's wool and cotton blend. 
I am going to play with Nicola Brown, my good friend and teacher from Ireland.  She's coming to town this week.  So delighted for our meeting shortly.


  1. You lead an interesting life, not only because of your passion for the fabric and the natural finds on your adventures around your home, but also the travels to other places in the world. I know you it is mainly for learning anything new, but I also think it has brought you to gather friends as well as knowledge. Enjoy your week.

    1. I’m so contented with my next chapter of career doing what I am enjoying. Blessing that all now is positive

  2. You have been having adventures, haven't you!

  3. Your work is beautiful and I love how it takes you all over the world. Your latest creation is lovely. xx

    1. I’m glad that my cultivated hobbies can bring me to the world connection to make friends too.

  4. Congratulations on your video, Terriea. That is so exciting. I am so happy to hear that you and Nicola will be spending some time together. Give her a big hug from me. Wish I were there with both of you. Love, Dawn

  5. Thank you Dawn. Works with recognition is delighted. Wish our local people know more about such printing art. In a couple of hours I’m meeting Nicola! I’m so excited and hug from too.


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