Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Good finds on leisure ride 雨後豐收

A wool blend yardage with windfalls gathered after strong wind made the autumn theme.
Scarfs I printed with all natural botanical pigments with leaves gathered on my bike ride.

It's a nice day after typhoon. I need to get some leaves for my upcoming project with tertiary textile students.  Know that there must have some blown off leaves after strong wind so I went biking to collect the windfalls.  What a good find and leisure ride.  I gathered some assorted leaves incl. casaurina, eucalyptus, fallen flowers...... back home with a few flowers from friend's garden to do experiments immediately.

Bundled boiling for 1.5 hours, opened with curiosity ...... 
Images speak themselves.....
Prints of little flowers from friend's with white shade and yellow spot, eucalyptus of assorted red, orange and green, morning glory and bottlebrush as resist of white shapes.

My style is "less is more" but for all those leaves testing I've to do all-on-a-piece.
This is rich but good sample testing.
I tried the morning glory (alamo vine) as I've seen Irit Dulman's mention. My prints of flowers are only pale purple but leaves are nice resist.

I'm too impatient. I made two pieces overnight as I really wanted to see the outcome  while the leaves are still fresh to do with.

The wool blend yardage from the stall is quite a good buy. I bought lots to play with.

This piece reminds my good day but I'll give it to someone I've never met.  I want to show these prints are from the plants gathered in her place.  Wish she finds it unique with my handmade - I even hand rolled hems which I seldom do - kind of "slow fashion".
 This piece is for myself. Mogi approves it and he shows me how to appreciate nature and how to enjoy peace of mind my own space.
Wish you enjoy my creation.
Next weekend I will have friends coming for the fun play.  Thrilled ! Nicola Brown is in town with us. 


  1. It's lovely - and such a bright, vivid orange...

  2. Hello Terrie, as usual your natural flower and leaf creations are lovely. I think what I like best about this craft is that no two pieces are ever alike. I still have my scarf you sent me. I still love it. I wish I had more chances to wear it. I stay so busy doing jobs that require sweat and there is no way I will wear your pretty scarf unless I can dress up. I am back to blogging after a lengthy break. I have missed everyone.
    Susanne xoxo

    1. How I miss you Susanne. Thank you for stopping by. Your beautiful knitted shawl is always a warm wrap for me in the cold days.


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