Sunday, October 8, 2017

Back to track with creation 回到生活軌跡

"Sounds a good day!   Looks as if a colorful day to start with........" 
After some days rest post my Canada trip I'm back to routine. Mogi is back to track - so attached to me !  Always my model for the pose.

  Have skipped two months hiking with the team.  Of course I should do my fav.  sports to keep healthy as well.  I miss my team so this Friday I went hiking with them on Lantau Island.

We walked up in the mid ....... down view is the Shek Pik Reservoir and the sea.
It's a sunny day with blue skies.  Can't imagine two weeks ago there're severe typhoon damaged a lot the trees over the mountain. Just on the ground some pines and cones. I picked a few home.

Up to our destination was the Wisdom Path 

The path lined with 38 wooden monuments inscribed with the Heart Sutra prayer.
Life should be slow...... as the roaming cow on my return way...... he's not alone. There're quite some in the mountain but he just enjoys being alone, like me.
With the windfalls home in that hiking day........ nice picks for my next excperiment.

In that hiking evening I was already in a briefing session with tertiary students in the HK PolyU 
I showed them the works of my eco-printings from simple basic to shades.There will be sessions for the interaction with students soon.

Back home on Sat morning I immediately done a piece of experiments with the leaves got on walk with the inspiration from Irit Dulman's blog post.
Irit is my mentor in the area of eco printing.  Her works are amazing and no doubt she's the pioneer in the field and ever my respected artist.

My heartfelt thanks for the prints with pines (or casaurina) and the assorted mordants applied in different ways for various outcome learnt or inspired from my Israel teacher/mentor Irit Dulman.


  1. You are so busy Terriea. I didn't realize you are already home in Hong Kong. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Canada and especially to Vancouver where I know you were a tourist. I also hope you had enough rest and recover. You show some beautiful images from your hike. Mogi is so beautiful too and probably so happy you are home.

    1. Happy time lapses. I’m back with very very impressive memories of Canada. Home sweet home and back to routine.

  2. Back home, and straight back to the country!


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