Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Nuno felting

The second part of workshop is nuno felt making a piece of vest and a tunic with own designed layout of eco prints with the local plants.
Delicate placement 

Pieces of prints fresh from hot pot. Then going on ......

Cut off arm holes

After first focus on arm holes rounding and collar wool layout then the seams.
This is a reversible scarf-vest making. Another large project of a reversible tunic making layout is underway......

See student's work is aligning with the outside green. Such inspiring learning venue.
Layout final approved by doggie Shanti.
All done in two days the vest and tunic.......

Making of this kind of nuno felt wearables is technique of seamless and textures. Wish my students like what they've learned and done.


  1. I'm sure they had a wonderful time, and will be wearing their new garments a great deal!

  2. it looks like those folks on Vancouver island have some lovely learnings and wearables!

    1. I'm delighted they've done the pretty prints and wearables with their own design.


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