Friday, September 8, 2017

My eco-printed corner 斗室一角

This is linen of eco prints made in Ireland while I was having holiday in Nicola Brown's farmhouse.  Back home almost a week but still can't adjust jet lag.   In the sleepless nights I was too addicted to make all those printed fabrics into home decor. One of the pieces is the wall hanging printed with cotinus, sycamore and eucalyptus.
I was so glad to have made the eco prints with Nicola's tips on the vintage linen with her local hedgerow vegetation.  To make this a keepsake is to do something for my studio decoration.  I made the wall hanging and cushion covers with the prints.  My tiny studio corner is now enhanced with such lovely eco prints.
My tiny studio is away from my urban apartment.  I sometimes do small projects here or stay overnight after a hard day of work or hiking.
It's a small space but cozy with everything I needed.
Sofa unfolded to make it a tatami.  

Prints of "before & after" of the wall hanging.
I like to make something with good memories.  The day Nicola, Heather and I strolling along the long beach in Curracloe we picked some seashells.
 Nicola showed me the pretty little shell.
I got a few pieces home and embellished the small one as the wall hanging pendant.

The other linen prints are made into cushions.  Simple overlapped at the back without zipper or button.
Sounds Mogi likes it.
I also have another piece of silk prints with Japanese maple, oak, ginkgo and eucalyptus from my friend's garden in England.
Not sure if Mogi approves it but he occupied it immediately.
I sewed it into two chair pads.

The dining table with vintage cotton table cloth was my mother used to have.  I cut it into panels and printed with leaves.  Another post of the upcycled table cloth making.
The tiny studio is now decorated with my idea of eco prints with lots of good memories.
Be it a working studio or a space for a rest, it's my own space. 
How come I still can't adjust jet lag !  I woke up in the mid night to brew the Irish coffee.  Enjoy my coffee and the French linen printed in Ireland.

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  1. A good combination - good memories and beautiful fabrics!


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