Sunday, September 17, 2017

Alpacas trip

Thank goodness It's another good day!
I left Toronto my host warm house to another friend's alpacas farm - The Old Mill Alpaca In Colborne. 
好一個美麗旅程,離開多倫多再往160公哩外Colborne 外朋友的羊駝農莊,在這裡有玩不完的軟柔駝羊毛及週邊植物,正是此行交流分享的第一站.....

Amy has a farm of 83 alpacas, 12 dogs, 4 cats...... what a big pet family. Each alpaca has s name. Everyday Amy calls them and cuddles them.

All those furry friends are so warm and friendly. My stay in the farm for a few more days will surly be creative with the "fibre from Gods" and the local hedgerow vegetation. I've already done wool felt flowers with the fleece and eco prints. Fun are going on with the team ......
A flower brooch made with the alpaca fleece
Eco prints with sumac, maple and rose leaves on cotton.  These are trials on the first day. Will do some more and share.


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