Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How to print the flowers 奇妙的花兒印染

Cant' thank more for my friends who like to do natural prints with me. Florence and Grace are sisters who are very supportive to my works and have joined my tutelage a few times.  They found the flower prints lovely particularly Lagerstroemia speciosa (大葉紫薇) and Hibiscus tiliaceus (黃槿) as the above image.
  To take the blooming season for the prints, they came again this Sunday for the flower prints. 
Before the workshop I went to collect some flowers along the coast.
 Up in the skies were those pretty purple / pink flowers - Lagerstroemia speciosa........
Heading to the other side of the harbour with stunning view........

lots of Hibiscus tiliaceus by the tranquil coast
A half day walk with handful flowers for the prints.
Started composition with assorted leaves and flowers on a piece of wool blend and another piece of silk wrap then bundle boiling for an hour.
 Before the workshop I told the girls it's interesting to make such prints with the new skills but not guarantee it's beautiful.  Yes I can't guarantee what mother nature gives. The outcome depends really on sorts of plants collected.
  Unwrapping is always exciting......
"What can we expect?  That flower is khaki."
"Oh, this one is yellowish."

Part of the wrap with composition of different flowers, leaves and shades.
Here are details of the two materials, wool blend and pure silk.

Two styles for two girls
This is for Grace. How do they like it?

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