Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Visitor's eco prints and wool works tutelage 訪客學生的製作

Such a nice visitor student from Australia came to learn eco printing and wool felting. Violeta said that she has been following my blog for a year and would very much like to learn the way I am doing with eco printing and wool felting as well love to see my cat Mogi. Taking her vacation in Hong Kong,  Violeta's spent 2 days in my home studio for the making of the above eco prints and wool felt stuff.
Before the formal tutelage we've a nice coffee and went to the fabric supplier for shopping
Stop a while for the harbour view then ferry ride.

First thing to do is eco printing on a big silk yardage with assorted leaves.  The silver dollar euc and onion skins with alum never go wrong for beginners.

After bundle boiling fresh from the pot without washing we do the nuno felting for a multi-styled scarf-vest. Violeta started the layering of merino wool, raw curly fleece and little mulberry silk for the shinning and textures.

A multi-styled scarf-vest with delicate prints is made by Violeta.
While the first big yardage was boiling, we took the time to do another skill of mirror prints on silk and cotton.
Rolled up and boiled for an hour.

A chiffon silk and a cotton with the same shapes of prints but different tones are made.
The next day was doing nuno felt with skills of surface/ embellishment design.
"Mogi, freeze! Don't spoil the layout"
He's such a brat of curiosity. 
The chiffon base dyed in euc barks with textures embellishments of scraps dyed in tumeric.

 A chiffon scarf with loop and textures with 3D embellishment as well raw fleece is made
Mogi safe guard the merino wool for another project.
Next to do is wool felt surface design with skills of resist and a flower with organza.
A wall hanging of different skills sampling-  3D textures, double holes, lace embellishment.... all in one is a good exercise..  The flower corsage with double petals is nice.

Violeta said that her dream of coming to Hong Kong for a visit and learning with me as well meeting Mogi came true. 
I'm glad for Violeta's emthusiam of learning. Her design of prints is pretty.
Mogi and I were delighted for Violeta's coming.  Though the days were gray with pouring. Her cheerful and laughs made us happy days.  Mogi found a good company around.


  1. A good couple of days, and a hardworking and talented student!

    1. It's fun working with talented students.

  2. Oh lucky violetta to be able tgo learn from you Terriekwong��


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