Saturday, July 22, 2017

Outing inspired creation 寓郊遊於創意

Bounty from nature !
"What day is today? What can I expect today?"
"Everyday is a special day. Each day is a happy day !"
Yup, that's the Q&A of me and Mogi.
After a consecutive torrential rainy days, we've the clear, blue and sunny days.  That said I'm out for a sporty as well a creative day.
Our stunning nature, the greenery or the water are never boring.
My visitor student Violeta after the tutorial in my home studio, we managed to have hiking with our regular team on Friday.  We started the trail from Shek Pik to Shui Hau Village on Lantau.
Walking up and down the steps in a sunny day. 
It's a moderate hiking trail all along the island in the bush.
Sunny, hot and sometimes with sea breeze was not that hard  
 In two hours we arrived a camp site for a break and view ......
Are the cows tired?  We're not...... heading to......
 the sandbay of Shui Hau Village.
A view in the bay then forward to Tai O

Tai O is a fishing village, the waterways of creek and river merges with lots of stilt houses over it, so called Oriental Venice.

One of the attractions is to watch the Chinese white dolphins.  We took the 20-min boat ride and was lucky to have seen a few dolphins jumping up. The motions were so fast that I was not able to take a shot.  All in our memory !
We called it a day and returned by MTR.  Violeta and I were not heading home instead going to Shamshuipo for materials shopping.  Violeta's so impressed with our transport networks, the many varieties of materials and accessories of good prices and the stunning scenery of Hong Kong.
Yes, we've a well developed transport network to every corner of the region.
Wish Violeta and Paul enjoy more before returning home.
My overseas friends can't imagine we have the vast splendid greenery, undulating mountains and beautiful coasts. Just the day before, I went cycling in the east of New Territories. I just love the sandbays and the mangroves.
Particularly the tide out gorgeous views are gorgeous.

 There're lots of mangroves.  Now the blooming season of Hibiscus tiliaceus with lots on the ground. How can I resist to print with them ?  That's why every time when I do hiking or biking I'd have good hunts.

Home with a  few of the Hibiscvus tiliaceus and Lagerstroemia speciosa, I made the prints.
Next I will have more photos of the making and prints.  Stay tuned.
Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. You make the best possible use of what you gather!


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