Monday, July 17, 2017

"Bluetiful" - Indigo meets true plants " 美藍" 遇上花花草草

Fallen flowers on the blue...... indigo  silk jersey.......
Indigo met with the fallen leaves......

They're dancing in the bounty of nature.......
All those "bluetiful" from the magic pots done in "Lantaublue - Indigo 11.50" studio last week (last post details). 
落花片片, 舞躍....."美藍"中 ......
源自山中工房 [片藍造11.50] 前期工序藍染及後期純天然植物印染創作. 日前網文
Day after visited the studio I immediately done a few pieces on the indigo dyed fabrics also  contact prints with the leaves of  Indigofera tinctoria (木藍) fresh from the studio.
The following images of the outcome speak themselves.......

 Detail prints of the back of knit silk jersey.
Leaves of Indigofera tinctoria (木藍)  truly amazing prints. Direct prints on silk color from  khaki to pink while yellow from alum soaked eucalyptus silver dollar on tannin mordant  knit silk jersey. 
 Mogi approves it?
Close up of the prints on indigo dyed knit silk jersey

Front and back with prints, upper part dyed in tumeric to make turquoise.

 Mogi, "hey, this one is Korea silk Mum's going to give it to Amy. A keepsake for their visit to Lantau."


  1. Love the turquoise made with the turmeric overdye!

  2. Lovely Mogi.

    I'm a huge fan of indigo.


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