Saturday, June 24, 2017

Unique purse's prints 獨特的包包印染

This is simple purse 
 A purse like this in the market may only be a US dollar or euro but I still like to make it with heart, with love, with the thought of the person who receives it. I like to give own handmade gifts to the persons I appreciate.  These purses are simply made with the leaf prints of direct contact skills.
 As I always said my outdoor activities are creation inspiration. Yesterday, our hiking to Big Wave Beach (大浪灣) and Shek O (石澳) started at 8:30am up to the trail in a sunny day.  From one end to the other along sea shore in 2.5 hours......
we arrived the top of the hill.  
 There're  trees and bushes with fallen flowers......

This is Hibiscus tiliacens (黃槿), typical plants along seashores.  The leaves and the flowers give pretty shapes I tried before.  With different fabrics and mordants outcome varies. I picked a few on the ground for experiment.

Soaked the wool blend (50/50) in very weak tumeric solution. The solution with little alum, and tannin etc. they're not in proportion, just the leftover of last project.  I laid plants on one end.  The deep purple and the yellow flowers are Hibiscus tiliacens (黃槿) , the small purple are Lagerstroemia speciosa (大葉紫薇) and others are assorted eucalyptus.  Folded with the other half with rust iron solution, bundle boiled for 50 minutes.  When I opened it, I was surprised with the bold prints.
The original deep purple flowers became dark brown and the yellow one became orange on one end.
Yellow of the heart-shaped eucalyptus

The prints of  Lagerstroemia speciosa (original purple) on the side with iron solution is clear of khaki

I printed this flowers before on silk only but not bold as wool. I have to figure out if I can do the same prints with more experiments.  
It's nice sample prints on the panel.  I cut a small portion to make a purse.

Sewed two sides of different shades

This purse of knit silk,  chestnut printed in Irit's workshop last year in Spain.
The leaf shape is beautiful, the large ones are big as head while the small ones as palm size.  I cut the sample prints, sewed the zipper and lining.

Purses are made for two persons whom have the same passion of nature. 
A small gift with my whole heart. Just wish they like it.

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