Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mother Nature's Gift 大自然的恩賜

Green from Mother Nature, green from tumeric + indigo, green from my hands.  Yes this is creation from Mother Nature after last bike ride.  
Last Thursday I joined the bike team for a ride along Tolo Harbour. After lunch we departed but I went on riding up to Sha Lo Tung Village (沙螺洞)for another 16 km. 
From the photo above you see the white statue - Gwun Yam(觀音)that's the mountain I was heading to.

My destination is another 2.7km steep route up to the mountain village.   This is only in the mid with down view of Tai Po.

 A break here before going on........
 I've been to the village before but by car and hiking only. Never rode on a bike on the steep road. It's tough and challenging. I almost exhausted but don't want to give up. On the way I haven't seen a person but just a car passed by. I know I was adventurous or dangerous for the solo ride. Just wanted to see how the village looks now and challenge own ability as I may have to lead another team next.
Finally I'm here but the ruin village. Still but sounds of frogs and cicadas feeling like orchestra of nature.
The old village amid the well preserved wetland is going to move soon.
I made my riding up in 20 minutes then down the road in a few minutes.

On my way back home I found some blown off eucalyptus of assorted species but I don't know which one yells orange or green.

No harm to experiment with mixed composition on the non mordant wool blend cotton (50/50).
 After an hour boiling, not quite to my expectation.
 Most are only brownish, only a few orange. Can't expect too much since fabric is half cotton and without mordant. Mogi looks not quite pleased too.
 Is Mother Nature not kind at times?  As eco dyers we appreciate whatever nature gives us and make use of it.
Immediately I cut and sewed with other panel done earlier before. I used the jacket template Tatiana Sheverda made me while I was in her workshop in Holland. That's the template flexible with easy adjustment.
 I'm lazy.  Just front and back with side zipper. That's it.
 Simple and easy sewing as well comfortable wearing.

 So a green dress of own made with tumeric + indigo dyed and eco prints with eucalyptus.  A new dress for summer wardrobe.
This is how it's composed of. The wool blend fabric dipped in weak indigo then tumeric for the yellow base. Placed a few euc, casaurina and Tabebuia chrysantha flowers (風鈴木) as resist.
A dress of front and back made mainly of euc, clean and clear.


  1. It's a charming dress, a great result from your bike ride!

    1. Thanks Rachel. Nature is great inspiration for my creation.


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