Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ever loved flower printed garment 從花花印染到成衣

Flowers prints are my recent favourite experiments. To grasp the seasonal blooming of Lagerstroemia speciosa (大葉紫薇)I've made some prints on panels. A few have been made into garments already.  This is the one made from scratch to a tunic dress.
一件成衣的製作從印染至裁縫一心都是想著送予一位好朋友Heidi, 好朋友不必常見面也毋須有共同愛好,互相欣賞互相支持已是神會之交。

Composition of plants on silk mainly with Lagerstroemia speciosa, marigold and euc as well a few pine needles. Silk was dipped in cochinael for the pink shade.
After an hour bundle boiling, here's one of the bundles in the air.
Mogi, "hey, the calliopsis did print orange."

After the botanical imprints on silk I dyed the yardage of knit cotton in the leftover of Lac bath from last project. 

While the cotton yardage was drying Mogi found it a place of seek & hide.
With my simple skills of cutting and sewing I made this dress with extended sleeves and the folded bottom.

Simply a tunic dress of natural prints and dyes.
When I was doing this I intended to make it for my friend Heidi. She's my great supporter. She appreciates my work though we don't have the same hobbies except traveling. She has good taste of wine and food. She deprecates herself a Mrs Fatty (肥師奶) When we're in teenage we're the same size. This dress I made just a bit larger then my own, a one-size garment.  So it fits me and her. 
I gave her the set of natural printed scarf and the tunic that makes a contrast.

The day after fitting and time with Mogi, we've a nice time strolling in the harbour in our "natural outfits".

Good friends are not necessary to see each other very often or to have the same hobbies but appreciates each other is blessed.  

This is another natural printed top made with same tone of flowers. Going to give away to whom of my size and who appreciates handmade.


  1. Lovely - and the leftover Lac dyeing sets off Mogi beautifully!

  2. Sweet story..and you and Heidi look wonderful in your printed wearables!! Mogi, too, of course! Nice blog post!

    1. Thank you Ginny. My friends just like the one-of-a-kind wearables.

  3. Hermoso,me encanta. Felicidades.


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