Friday, May 19, 2017

New prints from bike ride 單車騎行之創作

Leisure, sports and creation all make my days fabulous. This botanical imprints on the silk scarf just done after the ride with bike team this week.
 I must thank for the guys who're so kind to explore biking routes and their patience waiting for my windfalls picking.
能夠把興趣、運動及創作混為一體是最好不過的活動,很多時要感謝的是我的單車隊友,他們發掘新路線,我尢其喜歡鄉間小路、魚塘花徑。這日騎行至皇崗口岸香港邊介,途經河邊撿拾葉子花托,回家馬上製作實驗,很有效果的植物印。多得隊友們耐心等候我拾葉影相,能夠與我同行創新路 - 我愛單車騎行!
That day we went to the Hong Kong / China boundary for a closer look of the China zone. 


It's such a leisure ride in the bush

The northern part of Hong Kong is vast with greenery lush and water. Ponds with lilly and wetland with assorted plants.

Just passed by a river I saw this kind of flowers and found lots of the receptacles on the ground.
Curiosity brought me home to do the experiments
Back home with handful leaves and own coreopsis I immediately done the boiling prints.

After an hour boiling the imprints of leaves done on the silk scarf with resist prints from mulberry leaf.
I know the receptacle may not have color so I inserted the coreopsis in the centre of  receptacle.  It works.  From the image above you will see the "Before & After". Orange from the dried eucalyptus, green from the plant picked on bike ride.
A day out of bike ride made me a happy day of the new species experiment.


  1. Lovely - and such a reminder of your fruitful cycle excursion!

    1. I'm fortunate to have a team guiding the way for my creation.

  2. great idea to tuck coreopsis into the little receptacles!


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