Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My 2nd natural prints tutorial published and listed 第二輯植物印染教材發行

Since years ago I encountered eco-printing I have been doing lots experiments to explore the bounty of nature. My first edition of the tutorial  is hot-selling.  It's the basic introduction yet fabulous shades can be achieved.  Many people asked for the sharing of my next level creation which they find amazing with shapes and shades. During my way of eco printing I would define my works into three levels - the first basic with colors, the 2nd with control shades and the next is still in own exploration.

Mogi and I are glad to announce the release of my  2nd copy of eco prints instant download tutorial.  This e-book shows how to make enhancement of eco prints with all natural resources. 

Features of the tutorial with over 200 images of process and samples :
~ Simple mordant making apply on silk, wool, cotton, linen and paper
~ Control clear prints, background shades or outlines of plants
~ Make mirror prints on two different fabrics in one go
To start with the e-book it's the prints of rose petals, rose leaf and eucalyptus.......

With my way of working ...... fabulous contact prints on silk, wool, cotton, linen and paper can be achieved.

Prints with outlines and colors on cotton or even colors on papers can be done.

To make art journal with own natural printed paper with cover that will be a poetry souvenir.

This is how I walk through my way of natural printing.
You will find my tutorial easy to follow and inspiring.  Here's the instant download tutorial link on my  shop ETSY TerLing Creations


  1. Congratulations! I know how much work goes into such things. Well done!

  2. Thank you Rachel. It took me years to complete. Now I'm delighted for the release.

  3. Congratulations, once again, for your wonderful work, Terriea! I imagine this will be hot seller too..And kudos to Mogi as well.

    1. Ginny, I am happy for the 2nd version of tutorial which brings to another level of creation.


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