Tuesday, May 23, 2017

DIY natural printed backpack 植物印染背包

I have a very good colleague who likes playing ping pong.  She knows I am doing natural prints and asked if I can make her a backpack carrying racket and small stuff.  I promised long ago but just figured out how to make one to my best skill.  I took out a few sample swatches printed a year ago for my tutorial sample shots.  Those wool flannel prints are fine to make the backpack which looks firm. This is the finished gift I made.

The main part of the backpack is of cats.  I called it the "cat whispers".  I intended to make them close but can't express well and only made the silhouette.
 I cut the cat shapes on the leaves with iron mordant.
Composition mainly of casaurina and a few silver dollar euc for the red hearts.
The other piece I also laid the leaves with cat silhouette. Prints are not that good for the formerly planned table runner.  Thus it's sewed for the backpack.

Flap prints with Lagerstroemia indica and casaurina.  Enclosed with magnet.
With all parts formed together, thought they're fine and almost saved every single piece of the swatches.

The back prints mainly of euc and rose leaves with yellow little onion skins. Swatch prints making are available in my ETSY, my first pdf tutorial.  As prints on wool flannel take up  bold and strong.  It doesn't need pre-mordant. That's the simple and easy way to do animal protein fabrics.

  1. Inside  pocket is another piece of wool flannel little prints then dipped in indigo.  Opening with punched eyes for the draw string and handle sewed with stuffed fabric scraps  as well the flap with magnet close.

The backpack will be on my way to Toronto in the hands of my good colleague in Sept.  Wish she would like it.


  1. Beautiful prints and lovely design of bag, did you have a pattern?

    1. Thank you Debbie. Oops I don't have the pattern. I always do whatever like. Just cut it and sew it ~.~

  2. That's a great success, and your friend will never lose her bag in a stack of them at the gym!

    1. That's true the unique bag is eye catching ~.~

  3. Gorgeous, Terriea. Your friend is going to love it!!!!

  4. Your friend will love her new bag - it's just BEAUTIFUL!!!


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