Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Want to learn ecoprinting and wool felting? Here's the path.....遊走植物與羊毛的創作路

This silk yardage I printed with leaves collected in my area with "mix and match" eco-prints technique for the shades. All done with natural resources. 

Just a little merino wool I made a seamless reversible nuno felted dress with own printed silk jersey. I have been doing research and experiments with different plants and techniques in this area. By chance I am invited to teach in Canada this fall.

During the 4-day workshop I will teach the skills of natural printing on silk yardage then make it into a wrap/vest and another one into a seamless reversible nuno felt top/tunic. 
We will use plants to derive pigments with natural extracts
Shades and outlines on fabric

I was asked how to become so addicted in fibres.
Well, that's the magic of wool.  I was fascinated by the versatility of wool with nuno felt technique. Then printed and dyed own yardage for garments making.
These nuno felt dresses with logwood dyed and assorted leaves prints.  Wool is not only warm but also airy and light.

My passion drives me to design a series of rustic costume for the fashion walk.....

passion drives my overseas teaching and interaction....

All those interaction overseas earned me friendship with like-minded people
I like simple and developed my way of working

Particularly like to make reversible, functional, multi-style wearables

During the workshop in BC Vancouver I will teach to make this multi-style wrap/vest with own printed yardage.
As well a seamless, reversible nuno felt tunic/top with textures.
For details please contact
 Genoa Daniel email :
Norma Janes email :


  1. Beautiful pieces, very lucky the ones taking part in your workshop

    1. I will also be lucky to meet overseas students.

  2. The Canadians are very lucky. I am sure you will all have a wonderfully inspiring time!

    1. The leaves in Canada would be different from my local. That will be fun to explore.

  3. Sounds wonderful Terriea! Lucky students! Did you know that where you are going is on Vancouver Island and not in the city of Vancouver on mainland BC? or maybe you will be both places to teach?

    1. Ginny, yes it's Vancouver Island. I have to transit from Vancouver to Comox Valley. Know it's a long way.

    2. Good that you know!! it's supposed to be a beautiful place..but yes, a long way!!

  4. Thanks for your kind comments re: my felted dog! I really hope I can make it to your workshop and that I get to meet you! That part of Vancouver Island is beautiful!


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