Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fabric prints from bounty of nature 大自然之靈感印染

What do you think this? My belief is "less is more". 
Just a few pine lines and euc leaves to make this natural prints on silk.  I made this sample  for the upcoming workshops.
 How about this?  Simple layout of leaves printed on wool blend with shades.

 My friends asked how come I have the time or energy to do lots of creations while I spend some days weekly in hiking and biking. 
Well, I'm too addicted or the passion drives me crazy.  Indeed when I do outdoor activities particularly nature related, my mind is full of ideas and inspiration.
Just last hiking on Lamma Island we went up from one bay to the other with stunning views.
 Within 3 hours easy trails walk, we're on the top........
 with the view of Hong Kong Island.
 The strange looks of rocks are naturally stacked.  This looks like a dog.
 While I passed by the casaurina trees on the island, to my surprise the pine lines are so long as 80cm which I've never seen.  It must be a good find for natural prints.
 Other than hiking I got inspiration with the energetic biking team.  We biked along the sea coast for 50km today.
 Tired?  No, today's weather was fine for the long ride.
The panoramic view is gorgeous.
  A bike and boat ride is leisure.  What's more? Wow, found the eucalyptus blown off.  Can't resist to take home for the experiments.
 I recalled my last visit to a friend in Tuscany, Italy.  She lives in the brilliant region with the lined cypress.  Such picturesque view!

 With the ideas of the beautiful nature, just a little pine needles and assorted leaves, I made the placement for the prints on fabrics.

 Here's the outcome.  My simple natural prints on silk.
 Layout from the inspiration of Tuscany cypress
Such bounty from nature. 
This is the simple and  basic natural contact prints skills on wool blend.
Want to do this?  My ETSY instant download pdf file has the step-by-step tutorial.


  1. Lovely. Simple and charming!

  2. I really love your compositions...simple yet dramatic and so evocative of landscapes. Very beautiful! I love the lines of those catsurina but we don't have them here. Is there anything in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver Island) that you know would make simple lines such as these? thanks!

  3. Thank you Kerry. I am not sure what plants there in Pacific Northwest but certainly there are plenty of things can experiment. I am planning a natural prints and wool felt workshop in Vancouver Island (Comox) may be this fall. I will have chances to explore.

    1. I would love to attend! Thats about 3 hours from here! Will you have the dates on your blog? I would like to be updated, Thanks Terriea!

    2. Thanks Kerry for your interest. When all is fixed I'll post here the blog. Wish we could meet.

  4. What beautiful work! I am buying your Etsy download to see how you do it. Then I'll see what I can make in boreal North America. I've been doing this for awhile but there is always something new to learn, yes?!

    1. That's the way I do and you can too if you follow my tutorial.


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