Thursday, February 9, 2017

Eco printed purses making 植物印染小包包

 Very quiet Chinese New Year holiday.   Dug from stash some fabric prints I made some purses.  

Contact prints direct from strobilanthes on woollen kindly from Nicola Brown.   She bought from Cushendale Woollen Mills in Ireland.  Such bold and impressive prints from my own grown strobilantes which are usually for indigo vat.
 I made two purses with the woollen


 Another purse made with wool flannel with prints of eucalyptus on both sides. 
Braided strap of iron dye.
 Found a few other pieces of teaching samples. The wool felt prints and silk prints.  They're just easy to sew together to make the simple purse.

     Purse with wool flap as decoration

 It's small just fit the iPhone or as key purse

Other than these I made lots of purses with sample prints recently.  Just wanted to make use of the scraps but really I can't use all. They may be a giveaway finally.
If you like to learn the basic natural contact prints the tutorial is available from my ETSY


  1. Brilliant use of scraps!
    The strobilantes produces lovely prints...... I'll have to read more about that plant.
    Lovely work, as always, Terriea!

  2. I found strobilantes strange to give pink on fresh leaf. There're lots to study about natural prints.

  3. What a great collection you have there!


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