Sunday, January 15, 2017

Upcoming fashion gala, be part of it 「水上華服誌」

 Yup, laugh loud. He's happy and I'm thrilled as I'm going to have my "slow fashion" show in the next couple of days.  Partnered with Art for All, the project took months to complete and on it's way to show audience along with other artists / designers in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.
 There's an exhibition to raise awareness of the history and the present-day plight of the fishermen in Hong Kong. Fashion show is part of the event preformed by models dressed in variety of outfits which are contemporary interpretations of traditional fishermen clothing.
 While my design is based on the vernacular with my new way of eco prints and dyes.
 I have a few outfits done by myself in the show.  All handmade with natural botanical prints and dyes, even buttons and knots.
 Blue from indigo.......
 Prints from various plants, such as plumeria obtusa
........ flowers of lagerstroemia speciosa leaf of eucalyptus
 natural dye of green from indigo and tumeric
 After all prints & dyes done. Sewed to make the outfits
as well this one is part of a gent's pants

Now that I will have a series of rustic costumes in the show on Jan 18.  Details to follow after then.  Stay tuned.


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