Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"Slow fashion" making 慢活時裝的製作

Following last post of the leaves collected in the field, here to show how the prints are and the final works of the printed fabrics.  
一網誌提及在田野撿拾的葉子研究, 這次特別利用烏桕葉構圖做了幾幅布料印染, 也剪裁製作成 "慢活時裝 " 系列.
The chinese tallow is good with iron.
I placed the movement on bottom of the silk.
On other pieces I placed assorted small leaves of euc, guava and chinese tallow as well pine needles
This piece was Intended to boil in a pot of cochinael for the pink on sleeves
 Almost finished but a collar to add.  I dyed the viscose in a pot of tree barks for the brownish collar..
All finished but wanted to do the buttons with printed scraps. I cut off the wooden chopstick and wrapped it.

All done, a shelter for Mogi


An outfit with styles of high collar that can be folded in & out.

 I always want my garments to suit all ages and easy going

That's what I have done recently. Just fine with our mild winder.


  1. Your 'convertible collar' is so clever, Terriea! It looks like two different garments!!

  2. The style of collar come out accidentally as it's big and soft. Somehow it looks good.

  3. Yes, a lovely relaxed look! And clearly Mogi approves...

  4. Looks beautiful, Terriea! Glad to see Mogi enjoys the process too.


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