Monday, December 5, 2016

Natural printing Parent-Child Activities 草木印染親子活動

Children are creative and naive. Last weekend I taught the eco printing with groups of parents and children in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. This is one of the students' silk prints. 
  「草木染初探」工作坊是香港文化博物館這一季的親子活動,這日我為小組準備了簡易製作, 利用效果顕著的尤加利、桔子葉、 洋蔥皮及姜黃粉,大小朋友在歡樂歌聲及遊戲中完成鮮明的絲料小製品。
The Museum located by the river in Shatin.

It's a parent-child activity, the youngest is 5. They're very creative in placement. 

After introduction and wrapping, bundles are ready for cooking.

While boiling the bundles, it's time for fun play and singing about leaves, trees, soil and air...... that bring benefits to human and animals ....... 
Lyrics of positive message for the appreciation and care of trees and leaves.
All participants are so impressive and engaged.

Bundles done in 50 minutes cooking. Looking eagerly............

Unwrapping carefully with little helping hands...... 

Interesting to find the prints....... wondering why red from green leaves? 

Colors from yellow to gold, green and red.....

Mirror prints is pretty balanced

This is an intro of eco-printing workshop for the parent-child activities.  Since they're young and new to such craft, I taught the simple yet anticipated bright outcome. 
We used different sorts of eucalyptus, Chinese mandarin leaves and onion skins boiled in dye pot with turmeric for yellow tie lines.

Happy group with their works.
Such workshop is part of the quarterly activities and one of my involvements arranged by a Community Art Charitable Organization "Art for All" in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum with the theme of "Fashion + Paper, Scissors and Rock", combine fashion design with traditional craftsmanship.
此次草木染工作坊是非牟利慈善機構「全人藝動  」與香港文化博物館策劃的其中一項活動,以「衣+包、剪、揼」帶出傳統與創新的時裝設計同時展覧中,明年1月18日的「水上華服誌」服裝秀 ,我的植物印染鄉土系列服裝會與其他創作人的設計同塲展現,這將會是我2017年的首項公開活動。

A cat walk "Floating Fashion Gala of the T'ang Clan" with the idea of boat people (fisherman) will be taking place in the Museum in Jan. I will join with other designers/artists to have my series of rustic fashion made with new technique of natural prints and dyes for the show.
 That will be my first engagement of natural prints in 2017. 


  1. Lovely post, Terriea. The children look so happy and I'm sure they loved their class with you. Wish I could hear the song/singing....I know it must have been beautiful. You are such a wonderful instructor. Sending you big hugs.

    1. Thanks Dawn for the sweet words. Children and I do enjoy the workshop and process. Rythem and lyrics are beautiful. I'm glad to introduce such craft. Hugs and love to you.

  2. What a wonderful adventure for both parents and children!

    1. I'm happy the parents and children found it interesting.


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