Friday, November 11, 2016

Eco prints & nuno felt reversible dress 植物印染羊毛混纖雙面長裙

Knit silk jersey is one of my favorate fabrics to work with.  Not only eco printing but also nuno felting is nice to do with. Following a series of the tube width nuno felt dresses made earlier, this simple and plain one is back to basic I used only a few casaurina and eucalyptus.  Then with little merino wool and mulberry silk as well silk gauze for the layers so as to make it two-styled reversible dress.
That day I asked my girl for the shots. We walked the dog to the beach dressed in two ways.  Here are the images of the same dress shown in both styles.
這針織絲用了馬尾松及桉樹葉植物印染, 然後以羊毛混纖做成雙面穿著長裙, 針織絲是我特別喜愛的布料, 無論印染或羊毛氈化也極易製作. 這日出外取景, 人兒狗兒和風吹拂.......

This side of the dress with top layers of silk gauze. Bottom cut off and co-web felted to make the ruffles.

Casaurina and eucalyptus are used for 1.5 hours bundle boiling.
A reversible nuno felted dress, one with layers.  Turn it over is the straight dress with bottom co-web felted.

The clear looks of both styles

The breezy layered look

Just a casual capture with cell phone. Very quickly we finished the shots. 

We have a leisure walk and back to girl's home with another shot.......
This one also nuno felt silk jersey, dyed in cochinael with contact prints.  I have another one already printed and going to do nuno felt after I figure out the style. Stay tuned........


  1. so so beautiful Terrie!
    I wish I had you skills but I'm the messy me

    1. I see you make beautiful wool felt. Enjoy and explore the versatility.

  2. Lovely. One of these days, I intend to have a go at this!


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