Saturday, October 22, 2016

Eco prints & nuno felt reversible dress 植物印染羊毛混纖裙子

 Fun to play with eco dyeing and the Lagerstroemia speciosa is my fav these days. I dyed the knit silk jersey with Lac then printed with the flowers and leaves.

 I like the tube width jersey. Just printed the front main pattern and little on the back then make a garment as I wish......
 With small amount of merino wool I made this nuno felt seamless and no sewing dress -  a reversible textural garment.
Top with little merino wool 

The reversed side of  textured surface, goes with a removable cowl neck of the same material.
Since it's light silk jersey, prints on both sides looks almost the same. 
The back of the side with merino - the "wave"

 The back of the same dress, textural surface of nuno felt effect.

 Nuno felt making with tube width silk jersey is simple and easy as no hem is needed.
 Eco prints on both sides looks almost the same.
  Now still lots of blooming Lagerstroemia speciosa. 
Will have more ideas of prints to play with.


  1. Fabulous dress. I have silk tube jersey but I do not have a slim figure like yours to just wear it as it is.

  2. Piękna sukienka i piękna pogoda. Zazdroszczę szczególnie słońca.

    1. Thank you. It's a beautiful day when taking the photos.

  3. Just seen this on International Feltmakers page and it looks beautiful!


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