Monday, October 10, 2016

Back to basic natural prints 簡易天然植物印染

 After spending quite some weeks in the "technical" natural prints/dyes, now back to nature, back to basic doing this simple yet fabulous shades printing. I intended to make something of autumn feel. With a little leaves of eucalyptus, sumac, pines and onion skins on this wool blend cotton panel, I made two different layouts. 
 Composition like this........   
                                                                      After 1.5 hours boiling, landscape looks like       this.

 The other end of the panel prints as this.
I have my way of making from basic to fabulous shades with step by step tutorial with images and samples. If you are interested, here is the instant download tutorial (English version) and (Russian version) in my ETSY on line shop.

The fabric has now been made into a reversible fabric bag. 
 Details of the bag making to follow next.


  1. These prints are absolutely beautiful ♥

    1. Thanks Summer. You made beautiful quilt too. Love the recent autumn feel.

  2. Love that wonderful bright orange!

  3. Love your layout! Sometimes we get too sidetracked by aiming for perfection; great to get back to basics 😊


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