Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Natural prints tutorial 天然印染教材

 A DIY purse simply with leaves gathered in my area and printed on both sides with different contact prints skills. Here my cat Mogi shows this side.

 Fabric of the purse is woollen and strap is cotton with iron prints. 

 Woollen given by Nicola Brown.  It's so soft and prints so well.  No wonder Mogi likes it as pillow.

 Layout with euc,  Lagerstroemia Indica, casaurina and cones to make shades.Then bundle boiled for an hour and plants pigments released on fabric

Whichever you call it, my contact prints or natural prints are all from natural resources. With my step by step tutorial started with mordants making it's easy to create unique fabric art with shades and variations.
The instant download pdf tutorial is available in my ETSY shop, English version and Russian version.


  1. Gorgeous! Lovely colours, as always!

  2. I love the photo with the cat using the bag as a pillow 🐾😊


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