Friday, September 23, 2016

Eco-printing workshop 植物印染工作坊

 Invited by a community project leader, we've a workshop of natural printing organised in Sep.  The 2-day workshop started with the intro from basic to the delicate printing techniques.  With some rusty nails, vinegar and water we made the iron solution then fun going on......
 Lots of laughs and fun filled in the spacious studio.

 My impromtus demo in the workshop

 Student's composition with various plants

 The two-in-one sample to make prints on mordant cotton and linen.

First session with soft prints on chiffon and skills of tie dyes

 Mirror prints on silk

 Rose leaf and euc silver dollar are never wrong on silk

 Prints on mordant cotton

 Assorted euc and sumac with mordant technique for the different outcome

 Shades of euc silver dollar with iron and alum mordant

 The most impressive for me is prints of sumac on this linen napkin. Just love the shades.

The organiser "2-Woo" is energetic, humous and creative.
The first time she encountered this sort of botanical imprints she already done beautiful prints on her used garments with artistic outcome.
The gown with soft yellow tone of alum mordant
The fall looks of prints on linen, cotton, silk and chiffon with different mordant.


  1. Wonderful workshop.. Happy students..Always so good to see the creative work you are doing!

    1. I'm happy for students' creativity and engagement

  2. A wonderfully successful workshop!


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