Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sporty and the quiet creation weekend 動與靜的一天

 Other than Friday hiking I just joined a Saturday biking team. We're well equipped. Today our team cycling along the river bank, the pond and the plantation of eucalyptus.  While passing through the eucalyptus I found a blown out branch on the ground.  Such a good find ! Of course picked it for my experiments. Way back downtown to collect from the shop a big roll of silk fabric. Just a good time for my testing the evening.
不是 "牛下", 我們是 "牛徑村單車隊" - 一個專業人仕組成每周六從新界牛徑村出發的單車隊, 今日途經山貝河南生圍, 大片植林尤加利樹, 地上剛有掉下來的椏支, 當然拾回家做我的植物印染實驗哩! 橫水渡回程返深水埗到布行預留給我的大匹絲料, 回家馬上做了撿來的葉子做實驗, 掂 !
 Many species of eucalyptus on the way passing through
Beautiful skies and water
 This pond, once a huge fishing pond but now getting smaller since properties developed
 Our team and my good find of the blown out eucalyptus
 No matter hiking or cycling I can easily get some plants for experiments

Way back by the small boat

Heading to the downtown fabric shop for my silk collection 

Eager for the prints testing with fabric and the euc found...... it works.... my concern is the fabric works since I wanted to make sure it's silk.
The bottom part of the strap is alum mordant while the top has not thus different shades
Mogi, "mum, it works, both the plants and the fabric.  It's a big roll how would you do with all?"

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