Saturday, May 7, 2016

Wool felt workshop brimming with creations 滿滿的羊毛創作

 A series of fibre arts workshop just completed and brimming with lots of creations by my young students who were new to wool felt. 
After the introduction of sheep breed and fleece we started to create wool felt with the theme of sheep then other animals and flowers.

 The roaming sheep in the field
 Panda and grass
 Flowers and the cat

 Ocean with textures
 Fish in the ocean
After the flat felt, I taught them to make 3D objects. 
First to do flowers then owl
 Made owl with foam resist 
  Stuffed owls and roaming sheep

  Herd of sheep

 Purses and coated bottles

 The 5-week intensive fibre arts workshops were interesting. 

 Students were pleased with their work done
 Display with roaming sheep, owls, coated stones, soaps, flowers, purses, coated bottles......
  .....and the many pictures they made
During the classes, students were taught with team works.  Each made wool felted ropes.  I asked them to make something the the wool ropes, they braided a fish.
 Another team work was each to roll a small amount of wool then made it a thicker with all and they rolled with bamboo mat alternatively till it's very firm. Then cut it to see the pretty core.

 A team work again.  Each to make a small piece wool felt then tie all strings together
to make it a long scarf.

Final day was to do nuno felt.  With small amount of wool layered on the natural printed scarf they made earlier before wool felt workshop.  Quite nice to see how they done it with textures.


  1. Gorgeous - you've had great fun with your group!

  2. beautiful creations, its wonderful you share your knowledge and skill!


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