Sunday, May 29, 2016

Journey heading ....with my super model friends 継續法國旅程

I continued my journey in Europe in Pergignan, France visiting friends Brigitte and Helene. Helene is a super model to demo my natural printed garments made in Irit Dulman and Revital Avidar's workshop in Spain.
在法國南部地中海城市 Perpignan 與友人Brigitte 及 Helene會合,這裡継續歐洲旅程,超模 Helene穿上我在西班牙做的時裝比我表現得更合身亮麗!  
To start my fantastic holiday in France with good friends and show more photos of my outfits on the pretty model. The photos speak themselves how my garments look!
A plain dress of indigo dye and leaf prints direct from leaves.  All natural printed and dyed.
A style with a belt on, stylish!

My natural printed scarf with big chestnut leaf and indigo dyed
Another outfit with natural leaf prints and bottom dyed in weld, yellow shade.
Helene's cat Maya is looking at super model !
The outfit fits me and the model as well as the silk jersey is eleastic fabric.
Super model Helene and me, the garment maker.
I would say the dress fits my model friend more beautiful then me (left picture).
My good friends Brigitte and Helene. We are all in natural printed outfits. 
Thank you for Helene and Brigitte's hosting. Next blog will be some more about my travel in the town of south France.


  1. Thanks, Terriea, for continuing to keep us us updated with your travels and the travels of your beautiful work!!! I do love the photos! Happy onging travels to you..

    1. Glad that Ginny you like my travels sharing. I love to travel with your spirit.

  2. So enjoying your posts, Terriea. I love the eco-printed garments and they look fantastic on everyone.

    I really had to search to find Helene's cat ... Maya blends right in :-)

    1. The techniques learnt from Irit and Revital are abosultelt wonderful to work with silk jersey.
      My travel now in Southern France is wonderful.. Glad to share with you.

  3. You all had a great time, that's clear!


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