Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Days in Spain 3 西班牙之旅

In the mid of our workshop in the village of Azana, we took a ride to the town centre Pamplona for a tour and dinner. The town is renowned for the annual bulls tracing in July. We walked along the avenues, the square, the TownHall and view of the city.
西班牙課堂中段我們眾人往市區內遊覧,這城市 Pamplona就是每年舉行奔牛節的地區,在街道上逛逛,嚐美食。這幾天做了很多試品,每件不同的效果與變化,也把製作完成,好漂亮獨特的。稍後更多圖片展示.......

It's Sat evening, tourists and locals enjoying in the long sunlight 

In the ring of the town centre where the Tracing Bulls taking place annual

We had a great time mingling......

Good taste of happy hour drinks

.....and nice dinner in a decent restaurant

The next day an expert from France showing us a new way of mordant

While my printed silk fabric drying in the air I am already into a big project of making another garment with prints

Cutting on my own indigo dyed silk for the dress making 

My sketch of design

Almost done...... Yes, have already DONE three pieces of pretty garments. Details to show next.


  1. I'm having so much fun, watching your journey...... looks like you are learning so much! And having a delightful time.

    1. Definitely the most inspiring workshop I have ever attended. Will show works shortly

    2. Happily awaiting more wpnderful glad it was great.. hopefully, I will be able to sign in with Google here.!

  2. Looks like you're having such an amazing time. Thank you for sharing your photos....the next best thing to being there :-)

    I can't wait to see your finished garments....I know that they will be beautiful.

    Give Irit a big hug from me....wish I were there with you.

    1. Truly amazing workshop. So inspiring from Irit and Revital. You will see the gorgeous designs of others too shortly. Irit thanks for your regards and hugs too.

  3. It looks like a wonderful workshop - learning wonderful things, and making new friends!


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