Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fibre arts workshop for NGO 纖維藝術工作坊

Such a funny face! What's it?  I may not know well what the maker expressed at this moment. The maker's world is colorful and pure.
 This is kind of a series of fibre works that the NGO, St. James Settlement wants to introduce to their members in textile arts. I was invited to teach the fibre works from natural prints/dyes to wool felt making for a group of members with mental disability but they have quite well skills and talents of weaving or ceramics in the centre. This is to further develop their abilities in fibre arts with new skills of creation. 
聖雅各福群會, 一個多元非牟利社會服務機構, 其中的藝術發展  ─ 陶藝•紡織工作室為一些智障人士提供技能培訓, 當中有些學員對紡織有特別創意, 中心為進一步啟發他們的纖維藝術潛能, 因些這幾星期我為學員設計一系列纖維藝術工作坊, 從植物印染至羊毛氈工藝. 
這星期的植物印染課堂,  學員從拾葉子至扎作煮熱, 解扎後出現的顏色紋理, 有童真的, 有紋路的鋪排. 在輕輕鬆鬆的唱遊中學習,他們做出多片柔麗絲巾, 有說要送給姐姐,送給媽媽,也說再要玩玩.  正好, 這就帶出他們學習的動機與興趣,他們已很期待來周的羊毛氈工作坊, 那多塑性的羊毛手作定必讓他們雀躍參與!

 April, we're already into early summer. The vivid green of the trees outside the organisation building caught my sight while I was entering into the centre.

In the spacious weaving studio we normally hear the rhythm of weaving the members doing with the looms. These days our workshops are taking place here with the backdrop of colorful threads and yarns.  

The concept of fibre works is quite fresh to the members.  For the first part of natural prints we started by observation of plants by drawing and picking windfalls down in the centre.
Followed by bundling the first piece of printing with assorted leaves and onion skins.

The first bundle of silk chiffon is soft of euc red and onion dyes
They're happy with the first trial
The second day we tried the contact prints with leaves placement on silk
A simple placement of onion skins, rose leaf and the windfalls, a funny face in the make.....
After 1.5 hours boiling,  unwrapping is always exciting.........
Outcome with rich prints of leaves and golden yellow dyed from onion skins.
The double folding and tie marks at the end makes the funny look.
Red and orange shades of euc and onion skins formed the flower
Purple and green from windfalls down in the building
Their imagination is incredible.  Such impressive prints.
The next day, members were encouraged to share and learn from each other with their works displayed.
The whole days learning filled with fun, laughs, group plays, dancing and singing.....
See how they played the "tunnel crossing" with their printed scarfs.
Next to do chiffon dyeing with onion skins. Simple bundling makes the rich overlapped tone.

Shades of yellow from golden yellow to brown of the onion skins are just beautiful 

Members were so excited for their creations. The fourth piece was natural tie dyeing all with onion skins.  Since only with onion skins, an hour boiling it's done.
Shades of onion skins are strong
Light purple from orchid and the tie marks are
Brown to purple......
Yellow shades
Sorts of purple and yellow onion skins formed the daisy patterns
During the first week, they've learned contact prints and natural dyes.
Some members said they're going to give their scarfs to their sisters or mums.  Such thoughtfulness!

 Members made the colorful prints under our guidance are happy with their involvement. Some  even said they wanted to do more.....
Next week will have wool felt making with the same members. The versatility of wool would be more fun for creation.


  1. such fun you all had, the funny face is a playful creation!

  2. How veey special that you learned them to do these things,. And they are really artistes.

  3. Awww....I want to take your class! What a wonderful idea to start by having them observe and draw. We all need to slow down and focus on the process a little more. What beautiful scarves they have created! I love the silk tunnel they were all going under too!

    1. Enjoy your summer. Thought the trees there are thriving as well your sheep. You may do wool felt then eco print again.

  4. What a great thing you've done. Making things is always accessible to all levels. Pretty outcomes!

    1. The students have special talents after got inspired. Yes, all levels can do something unique.


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