Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wool felt pendant and the threading 羊毛錬咀的穿引

Making wool felt beads no matter round or long is easy but threading with thicker lace I need to have a hole.  Beause of the upcoming workshop I may need to do some wool felt accessories thus made the samples.
I used the Finn wool and colorful yarns.  With a plastic straw.......

 Wrapped around the straw with wool and yarn,  a few in a row.

Soaked in hot water and rolled with soapy hands

 Rolled it over the rough side of the bubble wrap then rubbed with both palms
Till it's firmer and passed the pinch test

 Pulled out the straw. See the big holes of the beads.......
then insert the thicker nylon string, rope or wax thread are fine. 

Rubbed the beads in between soapy palms till all are firm.
I made a longer bead with colorful yarn inside.  After it's firm I cut into pieces to make a few beads

 This one with the outside part of blended mulberry silk and yarm for textures effect. 
 After fully felted I used the needle for the threading.
 So, with the hole inside the wool bead it's easy to thread a few ropes,
A turquoise silky bead with wax lace
 The Finn wool bead with swirl colorful yarn inside and crystal beading
 The other colorful beads rubbed with a thick wax rope, the holes are bigger and the beads will be used for other purposes.  So some more wool felt beads can be done in a go.

Not a precious jewelery but nice to play with the unique simple accessories 

A simplied tutorial feel free to copy.
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  1. Very pretty!! Great ideas to make the hole big. Thanks!

  2. Very clever way of making them with the hole already in Terriea! They look great :) x

  3. What a charming idea - and so easy to ensure you have a hole all ready for threading!

  4. Darf ich die Idee übernehmen ?
    Alls Kinder haben wir buntes Papier so aufgewickelt.
    Heute darf es Wolle sein.
    Herzliche Grüße Angela

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