Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Set of indigo- from wrap to blouse 披肩變襯衣

 I used not quite fond of indigo blue but recently I felt in love of the dyeing.  Still can't manage well the technique. This blouse I like it as it's not too much dark blue.  Indeed it was a cotton wrap I just modified..........
我的上海學生上月來港跟我學習羊毛氈工藝, 很客氣的送給我藍染手藝披肩, 欣喜的我把披肩簡單的剪裁也不浪費任何一絲的成為今夏襯衣一款.
 Last month my lovely student Silky from Shanghai came to my wool felt tutelage.  She's so nice to give me gifts, one of it was the indigo cotton wrap.  It's very large and I do not want it just a wrap for cold days since warm days are more in Hong Kong. So I just changed it into a blouse with only a little cut off.
 I'm lazy and not that good in measurement. I put my blouse over the double folded wrap, cut the shoulder pieces and the  taller neckline, then sewed both waist lines and some pleats on shoulders.  That's it.
 Styles with different waist ties. One with wool felt rope, the other with indigo cotton scarf tie.

              Styles with different necklines.  Folding outside or inside

 I wanted zero waste. 
The scrap cut off for shoulder lines from the wrap are made for a necklace.  First I wet felt the necklace with Finn wool, then stitched the indigo strips around the wool felt rope.  

  Simply a necklace with my own handmade ceramic pendant.
The indigo blue set of blouse will be my summer wear.
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  1. That's a great success, and I'm sure it will be very useful!


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