Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Good time with good friends for the inspiring creation

Friends are friends who bring me happiness and inspiration as well fun sharing. My wool felt artist teacher Nicola Brown and her sister Suzanne from Ireland last week visited Hong Kong. We're delighted to spend some time to show our honorable guests around.  Wonderful that Nicola spotted the special bush in the area I've never seen the plant  before.  I picked a few for eco print experiment.   It works fantastic!
藉著愛爾蘭老師Nicola Brown到訪, 這幾天我們在天朗氣清下悠遊港九,新界與離島, 在新界北Nicola 更發掘了我一直想找尋的蓖麻葉, 我急不及待與友人在星期天分享寶物做植物印染實驗,

We're spoiled and lots to play with Nicola's beautiful gifts.  See.....Mogi's anxious to unbundle the gifts.
 During the days of Nicola's visit we have been to the Peak for the panoramic view of the harbour.
With my friend Florence to Lamma Island for trail walk from one bay to the other. Along we saw some plants and the casaurina was good for our eco prints.
 From the Peak to the sea, the next day we drove to Sai Kung passing by the yacht club. Colorful sampans lining up in the tranquil bay.
Stopped by Sai O ..........  strolling with a guy playing saxophone behind.....

A sunny and warm day it was ! We're heading to the north New Territories along coastal  Sai Kung to Shatin, Taipo then Lok Ma Chau.
 At Lok Ma Chau Lookout, only a short distance China is in the sight.
 Nicola's so familiar with plants. She spotted the special bush in the north while we're almost leaving the car park. Glad to find a few for home experiment together with the eucalyptus picked on the ground in flower market. I was so eager to do the testing that night.
Outcome is gorgeous !
 The past Sunday we have fun sharing of eco-printing with Florence and Grace.
We did placement on silk scarf with the found leaf, casaurina, euc, rose leaves and onion skins......
  Winter Sweet  (腊梅) and Grevillea Robusta (銀華) for paper prints on the watercolor paper Nicola gave me.
 Time to opening is always the exciting moment
 Such clear prints
 Grace's happy with her scarf placement
 The large and bold prints
 Florence said this looks like my "style" prints.
 We done on light silk chiffon for the scarf
We tried on silk jersey with sorts of euc and onion bath with alum
We have a nice time on the Sunday afternoon playing with natural prints......
 with the soft and tasting home made cake from Florence....
we're full......
 My eager experiment with good outcome
Thanks for Nicola's visiting.
Her visit in Hong Kong from the south in Lamma Island to the North Sha Tau Kok made us a good chance to see the stunning Hong Kong too.  Visitors are always impressed with our greenery just a stone-throw from the urban. 

The two years wool felting extravagance I attended in Portugal by Nicola were amazing. Ireland is the country on my wish list. If I were not already engaged this summer I must join the upcoming workshop by Nicola Brown in her country the 10-day luxurious residental retreat "Felting & Eco Printing in Ireland"  between 15 - 25 July 2016. 


  1. The castor oil plant is extremely poisonous and its derivatives, ricine, was used to kill the Bulgarian gentleman (the one who was stabbed in the leg with an umbrella while waiting at a bus stop in London). I would be thinking twice about hearing it and breathing in the fumes. It's abundant in my region and I don't use it ever.

    1. Thank you India for the info. Good to know that. Food for thought.

  2. You clearly had a wonderful time!

  3. Lovely photos from an obviously lovely time together. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images. I love the image, too, of the colorful sampans in the bay.

    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you Dawn. Wish you will come one day, together with Nicola will be another wonderful get together !


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