Friday, January 15, 2016

Series of eco fashion from trio-design 設計師的自然回歸時裝展

Not long ago I was approached by young fashion designer/ artist SeeManHo for the bespoke natural prints for her eco fashion exhibition. Concept was all natural and back to nature. With another felt maker Magenta who made the wool felt part, designer SeeManHo made a series of eco fashion with my natural printed fabrics.  Her design is simply fresh, natural and well fit the theme.  Fabrics printed mainly of eucalyptus cinerea and casaurina. Since cotton needs mordant before printing, I have to make soybean mordant thus the process took quite some time to finish.
早前為香港年輕時裝設計師何詩敏 (二犬十一咪) 以天然植物印染 一批主題綿布, 她設計了一系列的自然回歸手工時裝 , 配搭另一位羊毛氈工藝家 (Magenta) 的服飾, 展現自然柔和的簡約時裝.
Wool felt cape and single sleeve by Magenta

This set of black and white, printed with casaurina.

 The linen pants of eucalytpus and casaurina

 A few panels printed with iron mordant euc and casaurina

 All fabrics are bundle boiled for two hours
Such fresh and natural printed series of eco fashion. 
Photo credits to SeeManHo.


  1. A great display, showing the contribution of both maker and fashion designer!

  2. Beautiful work, wish I could wear wool.

  3. Beautiful! I love the fashion design and your prints.

  4. Gorgeous creations....I love the designs and the printing. Very beautiful.

    1. Thank you Dawn. Simply fresh eco looks of fashion by designer.

  5. Piękne eko filce i zdjęcia.


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