Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tricks for natural printing / dyeing 巧妙的植物印染

 A wrap of natural prints with Lagerstroemia indica, casaurina and scattered euc

Since my last post   of the ETSY listing of pdf tutorial of natural prints, I got influx of orders. Feedback of the impressive prints and the simple way of making with wonderful shades.   A sign of recognition of my works which is encouraging.   Some curious of my using the paper core for bundling. A big thank you for those who bought my tutorial. I'm quite happy to share with like-minded people some tricks.  I'm going to show how to make the paper "stick".
 The clockwise images show the making. Dampen a used paper tube with little water.  This one is very thick form the used kitchen paper roll, Just little wet to press it against the table. At this point the tube should be a hard "rod" without room. Then wrap it  tightly around with the micro wave heat resist plastic cling film for three or more layers. The whole piece incl. both ends must be entirely covered with cling film and must be very firm.  To make it longer just connect two pieces with a strong rubber band. Roll up with the fabric and tie the bundle very firmly. As it's a paper "rod" you can bend it,  longer ones can be bended to a snake coil. This way of bending not only to save space in the pot but also make the bundle firmly tied.  The more pressure the  bundle tied, the bolder the contact prints are.  The "sticks" are forever used!
 For a large bundle  like the wool wrap shown above I used the paper core to roll up and tied like a snake coil, so the prints are firm and clear.  For the botanical textile prints you can find my ETSY TerLing Creations for the instant download pdf tutorial file.
Enjoy and explore bounty from nature !


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