Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Quality time and passion 悠遊日子

 Quality time for me is........ doing whatever I like and wherever I want to......
Take a newly printed table cloth to the beach....... assuming it's my backyard......... 
我的小小工作室附近的海灘尤如我的 "後海灣 ", 我可以隨時隨地拿著製作聽著浪濤, 拍拍照, 賞賞景. 這日和母親在工作室悠然嚐茶, 細味生活, 這是我享受的環境.
Or enjoying a cup of  tea in my  tiny studio with mum, each with own tea set made by me years ago.  That's our pleasant time !

 Last week on our way for mum's birthday lunch we passed by a slope with lots blown off eucalyptus leaves. I collected some for eco prints
 Impatient me immediately done a piece with the leaves for the table cloth
 The fabric may serve as table cloth or any decoration.
Natural prints looks good for the coffee table and the small chair with eucalyptus prints.
This is how I made the prints on the blend silk first stained with indigo blue
Then laid some eucalyptus and a few casaurina

 Two to three folds and bundle boiled for 1.5 hous
After boiling,  dipped in indigo for the blue
 Let dry then wash
The leaves soaked in iron water thus brownish
My indigo is not that strong and after washing it looks silver grey
Leaves prints still bold over grey-blue background

The day I went to the beach near my studio for the shots was calm with tides
 A little harvest for the fishman....... He caught some small fish and sun drying on the stones.

On the way back to the studio, one caterpillar moving slowing...... soon will be a butterfly. On the side way there's a butterfly with broken wing struggling to fly.
Life is too short with uncertainty.  That's life cycle for living things and human from born to death.

 Going on my way back to the studio, there's a small broken chair disposed.  Seems still belongs to someone.  If it's mine, I would amend it to a new life.
 Just like this chair I took from a waste station and refurbished it with the eco printed fabric. I'm happy to own the new life of the used furniture (last post of refurbishment) .  Now it's my comfortable chair in the little corner.
This is a ceramic pot, a Christmas gift from a NGO where I taught workshops. It goes well with the tone of the eco printed table cloth. 
I had a pleasant time with this set in the beach next to my studio. I take it  my "backyard" !  I can go whenever I like !


  1. what an amazing life you lead, your creations are truly beautiful and the process is so calming and satisfying,,
    that tea set is amazing!!!
    thank you for sharing this look at your life,

  2. The cloth is a great success - love the effect of the leaves.

  3. Agaib you shows us lovely things. I wish you a healthy and creative new year for you and your family.


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