Saturday, December 26, 2015

Eco-print and upcycling to brand new tote bag making 換然一新的袋子製作

The tote bag is made with swatches of my natural eco-prints on both sides.  This side is cotton. 
一片舊綿衣布, 一片絲料子, 印上植物染, 攜著個人風格袋逛街去.
This side is silk
A piece of used cotton Tee making the second skin of a tote bag. Both sides of natural prints make the textile art.

Lining with linen, inside pockets and room enough for the big reference books

or a grocery bag for happy shopping

The making of the tote bag started with the eco-prints on the fabric. 

I cut off a scrap of my father's old cotton Tee

 With iron mordant the cotton then placed a few eucalyptus, mulberry leaves and casaurina
Covered with another scrap of soy milk mordant cotton and bundle boiled for 1.5 hours for the mirror prints

 Prints on cotton is dark with iron mordant as what I expected looks like ink painting
The other mirror print on soy milk mordant cotton is red with euc but mulberry is blurred.  
This scrap will be used for other project later.

 This is the "before & after" of cotton Tee prints

 The other side of the tote bag is silk printed with this sort of unknown leaves

 I sewed the tote bag with swatches of the experiments

To make use of other "not quite good" eco-printed swatches, the straps are part of them.
Finished with the approval of Mogi
Seems he's rather curious of the outside world

 Well, a tote bag up cycled with used cotton Tee is now a brand new one for my shopping

Doing eco-prints with textile is fun.  You can create your unique fabric prints. I've the instant download tutorial of making "Botanical imprints" available on my Etsy on line shop.
Mogi, "it's a sunny day, I'm sun bathing. Have a good day !"


  1. It's lovely - a great piece of upcycling!

  2. I love this, such creativity,, beautiful!!!!!!!
    I have missed you so much,, I just came back o blogging after taking a break, I will catch up with all you amazing work,, best wishes to you my friend and Happy New Year!!


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