Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Days in Taiwan other than teaching 從台中到台北的日子

Other than the formal teaching in Taipei, my main purpose of visiting Taiwan was also catching up with friends. In Taichung I had a great time with Meg and Mary for the indigo dye experiment.

Visit to the textile museum was wonderful with inspiration. These sets of nuno felt garment are Meg's awarded exhibits. Proud of my friend Meg.
Meg took me to the high mountain national forest (奧萬大國家公園)for hiking
Brilliant mountain views with a suspend bridge over the river

I am fit for hiking but scare of height!  When I tried to cross over the bridge only a third I returned. What a shame !
Arriving Taichung, checked in the hotel arranged by student.  The rowing clouds over the sky in a beautiful morning. Such inspiration for my work.
A walk with student YL in the beautiful Taiwan National University ........
and treats from lovely student YL in the campus.
The natural prints workshop taking place in the spacious and well equipped university campus.

After formal teaching I went to the old mountain village Jiufen (九份)in a rainy day.
The village with lots remains of mining history from the old days.

The old streets lined with traditional snacks shops and souvenirs.  They're too commercial now.

I rather like seeing some still old things. The tea house and the ceramic exhibits are just pretty.

The vivid fish in the tea house. Sometimes they're still as among the exhibits
I went into a photo gallery in the old mountain stone house.  The photo displayed most are black and white.  Some are the changing views of the mountain village in seasons. Quite a deep expression of life and history of the mountain village. 
A nice chat with the photographer and appreciation of the photo.

Passing by a temple........The cat was scratching in the front of "donation " box of the temple. 
This day I took the metro transport to Tamsui (淡水)to meet my friend.  Arriving Tamshui I explored myself in the harbour.
Peaceful fishing boats by the bank
I went to the arts centre transformed from a godown. A painter was just painting

Then met my friend C.X. She's so warm to show me around her town
She drove me in her scooter to see the interesting spots up and down the slopes and the harbour

The old streets of Tamsui with many wood and brick buildings
As well some historic western building from the ancient European occupancy and religious 

The other side, nearly developed fishmen's pier with bustling business
We've a nice time till sunset.
Thank you YL. Because you invited my teaching in Taiwan I got the chance of travelling your region and met my other friends of the same passion. Taiwan people are so warm and nice.
The cats in a arts gallery are quite sweet

She expects guest.......

I feel the hospitality.  Thank you all my friends I met in Taiwan. I back to Hong Kong after the 10-day fruitful trip.  Another project is in the preparation.....


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