Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sample prints for upcoming workshop 植物移印染樣品

When I find it time for a break of natural printing and put aside the "ingredients", I was again invited for the tutelage overseas. I'm serious, every time for the teaching I must do some sample prints for my students. 
本想歇一會, 學生的熱誠邀請,  我準備了多種布料及不同效果的樣品正是為著兩周後到台灣的教學, 且看當中不同的調子, 恕不詳述, 猜猜你的想像力唷 !
 The jars of "ingredients" are mordants. This time I experimented different fabrics incl. linen, cotton, silk, blended silk and wool flannel with assorted leaves and methods.  I do not mention details of the the prints but try your imagination. 



 Fall is of color from green to gold.  
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