Monday, November 30, 2015

My Taipei teaching 台北的教學

My tutelage for the student's botanical prints and nuno felt in Taiwan has just finished. My student YL walked away with lots skills after the 2.5 days intensive learning. As she said it's amazing and incredible for the different outcomes all from natural.  We made paper prints, mordants for shades on different fabrics incl. cotton, silk, chiffon, wool flannel, blended silk. I taught also the simple making of the paper core (the stick) to wrap around the bundle also the tricks of paper prints and the use of shoe lace as string. All simple, handy and key to success.
What's more than OOAK is the own printed pattern fabric then turned into unique wearable garment. YL made her own scarf-vest with the final desired tone of prints.

Such "incredible " creations were done in the beautiful environment of the Taiwan National University. 

Venue, material, tools and all materials are well prepared.

The big. "Sandwich " is ready for the pot but not oven........for the boiling.
Prints from marigold, leaves and euc  with shades on cotton

Onion, casuarina and chinaberry on cotton
Sample experiments on silks and cotton 
Cotton after soy milk mordant then with iron mordant is quite good with euc silver dollar for red and marigold for yellow

While all the bundles are in the pot, a nuno felt vest is being made with the printed patterned silk. I never care about the fade out on this stretch silk with such prints since I've done test before more than 80 times of machine washing, colours seems almost the same.

A couple of hours YL made the vest. She finds it amazing with such beautiful and easy arm holes felting.  Yes, that's my experience.
A long weekend workshop was brimming with lots creation and skills. We're pleased.
What inspired me above the skies in the Taipei hotel where I'm still staying in is brilliant ! 
During the workshop with YL, I also made a print with my indigo dye with euc.
It's pretty on my hotel bed !
The roses - leftover of the botanical imprints workshop, are nicely on my hotel bedside table. I love plants and each part of them. Thank you for my student inviting me for the teaching in Taiwan. I have the chance to explore the region and meet some other friend. Next post will be a bit more about the scenery.


  1. I love the blue skies-photo and the indigo/euc version! Wonderful photos..So glad you wereable to bring your teaching skills and enthusiasm for these arts to Taiwan!!

  2. A very successful class indeed!


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