Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Journey being artisan 手作旅人

The batch of art journals telling stories....... First from the hands of the creator ....... then to the hands of the owners ......
I can tell the stories of being artisan of the art books. If I was asked what I'm most passionate about lately.  Thought the answer is the art journals making. From wool felt, nuno felt, eco dye, botanical imprints, paper prints, ceramic making to book binding.....  In a nutshell a book tells all what I'm doing.  
每一本手作美術小本訴說一段故事,可以是旅人日誌, 可以是生活小記,從開始製作已概括我近來醉心的興趣  - 天然植物印染、羊毛氈手工、陶瓷....以至小本釘裝,正正是我的一段創作歷程開端。

I must say two persons, Ruta and James are the ones inspired my making of the art journals. Few years ago Ruta, a blogger from Lithuania was so kind to send me a beautiful wool felt covered notebook.  From then on I felt in love of wool felted book covers.  Then I stumbled into a blog Dip and Stains of paper prints. Jim Dennisons' wealth of botanic knowledge and his paper prints are wonderful.  He's so kind to share his knowledge.
From making one book to two.......
then a few more........ 
I walked through my journey of making.  My previous post mentioned it.
I used some swatches of my eco prints for the cover.  
Papers are discarded file index from my nice friend. My previous post of paper prints here.
Most leaves were from my area and a few from friends. The big castor oil is a good keepsake for myself from Israel last year.

This is the beach near my studio. I like to take shots listening to the rhythm of wave.......
......at times with the flapping sound
Cover of swatch I printed with two species of euc and mandarin leaves .
Purple from logwood dye
Each book with 7-8 signatures, each with a set of paper prints and other blank pages for writing.
Set of five
Complete set enclosed with my handmade ceramic button.

One of the pages with Hibiscus, that's the tree the book rests on.
A leaf after pigment given on the paper still on the front page, tied by a Teeswater fleece dyed in Irit's class in California.
Prints with iron mordant thus have outlines and shades

These are castor oil leaves on cotton from Israel.  Very bold prints with iron.

This page with printed fabric and dried euc as well the onion dyed fleece
Nuno felted cover of textural surface with dyed chiffon

Oak leaf from the US
Swatches with euc silver dollar, red is good to show off

The dried Hibiscus gives bold prints, much better than green ones.
I enjoy my journey of making and adore own creation

Each of unique and touch of love. Though I do not want to part with either, they're going to be a giveaway on special occasions.


  1. Beautiful art journals. It is also beautiful on the beach where you live! Do you have snow where you live in winter season?

    1. Thank you Joyful. We're in sub-tropical region have four seasons but never got snow.

  2. They're gorgeous - a wonderful collection!

  3. Beautiful blog and so inspiring. You are blessed with a beautiful talent of art and a blessing to those who see it.

    1. Thank you Dawn. Just something to inspire and got inspired from others. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Weich, warm, wunderschön,- einzigartig.

  5. Sometimes we do find it hard to part with the things we have made, it is like we are giving away a piece of ourselves and in a way we are doing just that. The time we put into making things we cherish can never be gotten back and that is why anyone who receives a hand made gift should be so thoughtful to realize that the maker spent part of her life doing this creation. You made some beautiful journals and they would be lovely keepsakes to add not only your words of this trip but also to add the photos of these memories.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. Yes Susanne, something with handmade really takes time and with heart. Sometimes I gave away something to others but found it's not treasured it's a hard feeling. We all know each handmade is unique. We will appreciate the creator/maker's thoughtfulness.

  6. I agree with you Terriea. I also love the format of a book. It holds and reveals secrets. Intimate while informative . I love holding artwork in my hands, turning the pages with anticipation of the yet to be revealed treasures hidden within the pages. Wonderful works!

    1. Thank you June. You'll know how time consumed in making one. I really love them.

  7. Your work is beautiful and it is so obvious you put such thoughtfulness and care into every piece.
    Thanks for sharing your work! Luvswool


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