Thursday, July 16, 2015

Art journal making from travel memory 旅人的手作小本子

Recently I'm hooked in making art journals.  I printed the papers,  made the cover and bound the booklet.  This one with prints on cotton & wool felt cover just made.
這數位年代還有多少人愛手寫小本 ? 可能捨不得書寫那由始至終的手作, 這獨特的植物移印染捧在手中我有一些莫名的喜愛。

 I took from the stash a piece of cotton prints which was first dyed in Portugal workshop years ago with a little rust and the dark iron marks.  It sat aside for long. Last year I took it out to have the castor oil leaf prints over the cotton fabric.  The leaves were from Israel workshop last year.  I bought back a few pieces of that leaf as I know it's better to do with local leaves. 

I hand sewed the cotton prints on the wool felt piece with eucalyptus prints.  Make it the journal cover. 

The cotton part I stitched some French knots.  Really like sorts of stitches which give a special touch. 

 When I was making the stitches I imagine it's a seaside of Tel Aviv where I strolled along for a few days from dawn to dusk. 

The inside cover is printed with eucalyptus, the upper and down sides are soaked in the indigo dye, not a vat but only very pale solution.

Then I made the coptic binding of 7 signatures, each with 7 blank pages and some prints.  That makes a booklet of more than 100 writing pages.

Completed with the first page also with castol oil leaf.......

A few pages with local leaf prints......

A few prints on silk fabric and dried leaves.

The French knots and the rust marks

The castor oil leaf looks like "Sea Star"

A "Black" tone art journal with my handmade ceramic button closure

Simply the art journal.......

I made with the good memory of my last stay in Tel Aviv with this leaf

The day I took it to the beach near my studio....... I imagine it's the Mediterranean Sea in between Tel Aviv  and Cyprus.......

Back to reality, it's the South China Sea in Hong Kong

Listening to the wave, listening to the echo of sea...... 
Imagination to come true......


  1. What a beautiful post, Terriea, and all happy memories!!

  2. Lovely. And it looks so peaceful on that beach. I saw a weather report yesterday that suggested rain and wind near Hong Kong - hope all is well!

    1. Thank you Rachel, also for your concern of our weather. Forecast tomorrow will be raining. Too bad for my every Friday hiking. Do wish not much.


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