Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cat's contribution to creation 與貓共創新

A good day started with a helper to do the nice creation.
Mogi, " Yup, these are my contribution to mum's creation."

 I'm a fibre and fabric fanatic. Whatever fibres in hand I would like to try.  Here are some merino wool, yarns, own cat's hair and hemp strings.......
I made it with enclosed resist. Layered the colorful merino inside and wrapped with my cat's hair I combed daily, mixed with a few hemp strings then rubbing and rolling.

After felted, cut off the surface to show the colorful wool
 Cut the opening
 With the same cat's hair I made the flat sheet with one side of colorful pattern
 Put in the glass bottle with plant
 Cut off a bit of the other side to show off the color
 A set of holder with keys mat
 All the white is of my own cat's hair.  It is so easy to felt and  so firm.
 "Hmmmmmm, glad to have it around with my contribution!"
 Being a cat lover I like to do something with own cat's hair.  It sounds weird but it is so clean and washed during the course of making.  No different as doing wool felt !.


  1. I hope Mogi is pleased to contribute so beautifully!

  2. Nothing weird at all about using cat hair to make something. I saw awhile ago an article about using cat hair in felting projects or something of that nature. I'm sure dog hair could be used too, but I wonder if there would be a smell to it if the weather was damp or rainy?
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. For a small project like the ones I made with cat's hair doesn't have any smell in damp weather. I'm not sure dog's hair for big projects. Know that people here collect dogs' hair for spinning and make rugs. It's normal just like sheep fleece doing something wearable and practical.


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