Sunday, March 1, 2015

In the eucalyptus bush 走進桉樹叢

Since years ago I encountered the magic of euc, it almost brightened my days.
 Last Friday during a lunch catch-up with my school mate of salad days, we chatted about our good old days, our passion and the very sweet memories. I said I saw a few special breeds of euc in the flower market. One sort of small leaf shape, one was bigger oval like. They're big bundles and a bit costly but the issue was if they give nice prints?    Since they're uncommon in the our market, I decided to buy for experiments.
桉樹移印染從來不失望, 但 "出色" 與否關乎葉的品種與技巧, 那日與兒時書友午餐後往花墟逛, 喜見稀有品種, 很大束也稍貴, 猶豫會是什麼顏色出現, 既然稀有, 何不買回家一試 ?
好興奮捧回家馬上包扎, 放些胭脂紅染, 煲上兩小時得出以下色調...........
 Back home in an hour I immediately wrapped the bundles.
 While they're in the electric rice cooker set a timer of 2 hours cooking in the cochineal dye bath, I went to another dinner catch-up with a good ex-colleague.
 Back home after dinner, excited for the opening.
Bingo ! It gave color......
 but........ how come the same bundle of the small leaves turned out two different colors - red and khaki? 
 This piece I laid rose petals, rose leaves, oak leaf and the assorted euc

 Another piece with assorted leaves so to make the shades.
 Before and After look
 Most of the new breed euc bundle gives red
 I'm pleased with the outcome of the new breed of euc combined with cochineal dyeing of pink.
 Mogi and I are happy to bury in the euc bush in the fragrance of nature.

 Euc is such a magic to give prints. Apart from buying some special breeds from florist, this is the wild where I collected some windfalls.   I don't know what breeds are those euc. They're narrow and longer.
 I've done so many experiments on different fabric scraps. To make use of them I sewed  tote bags and  pouches. All bags/ purses in the market with prints are only the functional stuff.  If anyone knows the imprints are from the natural leaves pigments and that's the only piece, they may find it unique.  I thank for my friends who appreciate my work and they drive my creation.
 A stack of color brightens my days. Special thanks to my friend Melinda of Obovate Designs who brought me cochineal from the States. 
Techniques of making these prints is available in my ETSY instant download pdf tutorial.


  1. Stunning, in fact - wonderful bright colours!

  2. Lovely lovely works of art.. You have become an expert in Eco Printing.

    1. Thank yo Judy. I'm way far to be an expert. Just keen on experimenting and exploring.

  3. The new eucalyptus and your combos and of course dear Mogi make wonderful photos!

    1. Thank you Ginny. The new euc are fun to test though the bunch mixed with outcome of red and khaki.

  4. Beautiful prints Terrie.. I LOVE the last 2 photos! xx

  5. I love the little compositions you make with the combination of leaves

  6. I love the little compositions you make with the combination of leaves


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