Thursday, February 26, 2015

Weaving and felting 紡織與羊毛氈工藝

My series of workshops next month in Shanghai is on the go.  Taking the chance of organiser Edith Cheung's Saori weaving workshop in the NGO St. James Settlement today,  I was invited for a brief introduction of eco print and nuno felt with a bunch of lovely ladies, some of them are volunteers of the Rehabilitation Services for the sheltered workshops for people with disabilities. 
香港Saori 始創人,亦即是安排我三月往上海工坊的紡織專家張西美,今日到聖雅各福群會指導學員織布技巧, 她一同邀請我參觀及讓我簡介植物移印染與羊毛氈工藝製作 .他們對天然樹葉可印出的色調很好奇, 對濕氈也大感興趣, 我即席以現場有的羊毛及剛紡織的線料示範了平面及混纖領飾, 這些在他們的工房隨手可取的物料是很有創作性東西, 我們會互動交流, 不久將安排實驗工坊, 把植物移印染與羊毛氈工藝廣傳社區.

 They're quite impressed with the versatility of wool and the amazing botanical imprints of my samples. 

 After my intro, I tried the Saori weaving.  
 Then cut into straps.  That's part of different yarn weaving textures.
 Edith showed us how to twist to weave again
 She let me do wool felt with the woven yarn
  I laid some wool underneath
 I done the impromptu nuno felt collar in 15 mintures
 Also a flat wool felt with testing of yarn is made
 The colorful collar with different yarns on the ladies looks nice

 I'm happy to interact with these wonderful ladies and we will have sorts of activities arranged to spread eco print and wool felt in the community.


  1. was für eine wunderschöne Idee !
    Herzliche Grüße

  2. That collar is gorgeous, isn't it!


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