Thursday, February 19, 2015

Paint my purse 我繪我塑羊毛小包包

Today the 19th Feb, we're into the Lunar New Year. Having made a few sheep themed stuff as this is the Year of the Sheep / Goat / Ram. 
桃花樹下喜 "羊羊" - 這是今日羊年伊始的主題羊毛小包包.

 I painted on silk chiffon with acrylic the peach blossom.
 Peach blossom is the main flower of the new year as it symbolize perseverance and reliability
 Everywhere is decorated with new year ambiance.  The area in my place is very atmospheric......
  Drawing on a bank's wall
 Lanterns in the hotel
 That inspired my painting with acrylic on the silk chiffon for the purse making.
 As usual I layered Finn wool then covered with my painted chiffon with two sheep.
 Mogi's a bit puzzled ?!
 Not more than two hours I finished it.  Finn wool is always my fav.  It felts so fast and nicely.
 Front and back of it.  
The back I made the "invisible tube" ........
..... for the belt to insert
 Simply a purse with inner pocket as cosmetic case.
 Or a waist purse for my travel with iPhone, camera and keys.
That's something I made for myself with sheep theme for the new year 
 The purse yet is good for red packets - tradition for the married or senior to give to the younger ones.
 Mogi and I wish you a good day, a prosperous new year !


  1. And good wishes to you too. That's a very successful piece of felting!

    1. I really like acrylic painting now. It's versatile medium. Thanks Rachel.

  2. Mam nadzieję, że rok owcy uspokoi imperialne pokusy niektórych państw, w Europie które nadmiernie brykały w roku drewnianego konia.
    Piękny malunek na jedwabiu i super filcowanie.
    Mogi pięknie się oblizuje. Może to dobry znak.

    1. Thanks and I wish the Year of Sheep brings peaceful too.

  3. Hello Terriea! That looks lovely and perfect for the new year. Kung Hei Fat Chooy!

    1. Thank you Agy. Believe the New Year ambiance is great in S'pore.

  4. Another beautiful combination of your felting and painting skills! Happy New Year, my dear friend!!

    1. Thank you Heather. It's fun to experiment other medium on wool felt.


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