Monday, January 19, 2015

Theme of the Year of the Sheep 羊年喜氣 "羊羊"

            The upcoming Chinese New Year falls on 19 Feb. 
 With the zodiac of Year of the Sheep (Ram or Goat), I made something of wool felt related to sheep. Of course wool is the media and the sheep is the theme. Not much like doing needle felt but I did make the small sheep.
今年農曆年是羊年, 藉此做些以羊仔為主題的手作. 針氈小羊兒, 濕氈羊毛畫及在牆壁塗畫小羊. 充滿喜氣 "羊羊".......
   This is a wool felt painting of landscape with yurts and gazing sheep.
 In Mongolia the traditional roof of the yurt is made with wool felted blankets but this one is my Israeli friend Rachel's son with family lives in the North near Galilee.  Last March when I was there Rachel took me there for a visit. Post of my last Israel visit.
 There're a few yurts in the site.  
 Simply life for the family. One of the yurts is a playground for the kids. Rachel made the eco printed vest for the grandkid.  I helped stitching the seams.
 View through the door is endless green field with pretty wild flowers.
 I was relaxing with the dog ......
 and watching the free-range hens.....
With the beautiful memory of the Israel landscape, I came up the landscape picture of yurts and sheep instead of hens
 This is the finished wet felt picture of sheep
 Who knows I felted the yurt with this hair from my Chinchilla fluffy ball !
 As it's the Year of the Sheep for the Chinese New Year, I made a phone pouch with both sides sheep. Red packets are given during the new year days
Red is fortune, red is luck, red is welcome. 
"Mum's ready for the New Year of Sheep and painted the wall with a little sheep !!"
Wish the Year of Sheep brings luck to you all !


  1. And Happy New Year to you all!

  2. you have the most amazing adventures involving your craft, your work is amazing, I have always and for ever been mesmerized by Mongolia, you captured he landscape on your beautiful Red pouches,

  3. Happy New Year to you Terrie!
    Love the little red sheepy pouches, and your picture too :)


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